Cruelty-Free Policy

Cruelty-Free Policy

Our policy is the result of a company mission to help eliminate: Animal Testing, Cruelty to Animals, Deforestation and Habitat Degradation


COCOOIL will not buy any ingredient from any manufacturer or supplier that tests anything they produce on any animals for any reason.


We will ensure the safety of our products by only using ingredients with a previous history of safe use, non-animal tests, or by testing the finished products on a panel of human volunteers in Australia.


COCOOIL will not source any of our ingredients from suppliers that are not committed with our ethics, standards & morals.


What are the alternatives to testing on animals?

The information that has historically been gained from animal tests is increasingly being replaced with quicker, cheaper and more reliable non-animal methods. Many of the animal tests used to test cosmetics ingredients have now been replaced.

These modern methods are more relevant to humans and have been found to predict human reactions better than the traditional outdated animal tests.


COCOOIL will not use Palm Oil in any of our products as it is difficult to clarify if this has been sourced ethically.